Tuesday November 24th 2020

Takanori SASAKI

Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University
Visiting Researcher, Computational Astrophysics Laboratory, RIKEN

I can’t say that I always knew I’d be a planetary scientist, but being full of wonder from a child, I got the chance to be engaged in academic activities.

My general research interests are in learning about the origin and evolution of planets. I’m also interested in the ecological system and environment on terrestrial planets.
I use a variety of numerical and analytic methods to examine how the surface environment of planets have been produced, evolved, and been stabilized. Then, I wish I compare these theoretical examinations to observations with telescope.

D' où venons-nous ? Que sommes-nous ? Où allons-nous ?
-Paul Gauguin-

Previous Research


Kitashirakawa-Oiwake-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
606-8502, Japan





Recent Publications

Shibaike et al., Icarus (2016)

Shibaike et al., Icarus (2016)

Yuhito Shibaike, Takanori Sasaki & Shigeru Ida, Excavation and Melting of the Hadean Continental Crust by [Read More]

René et al., Astrobiology (2014)

René et al., Astrobiology (2014)

René Heller, Darren Williams, David [Read More]

S. Ueta & T. Sasaki, ApJ (2013)

S. Ueta & T. Sasaki, ApJ (2013)

Shoji Ueta & Takanori Sasaki, [Read More]

T. Sasaki, G. R. Stewart & S. Ida, ApJ (2010)

T. Sasaki, G. R. Stewart & S. Ida, ApJ (2010)

Takanori Sasaki, Glen R. Stewart & [Read More]


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