Friday October 23rd 2020


Post any comments to this homepage and to me!

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  • Milo Parsons (マイロ パースンズ) says:

    Just got your e-mail (1:45 am, Monday morning…. I had a REALLY long day today!). Am going to look through your site from now….

    (I hope that you translated your publications. Believe it or not, I AM actually curious enough about your field that I am willing to dig into “astronomer speak”!
    Besides…. You have such great GRAPHICS!…. Astroids colliding! YES!)

    Am now going to reply to your message from my e-mail.

    I hope to see you soon!


  • hemraj says:

    hello takanori san,

    I found your site very interesting.
    I hope to come again.


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